Kenex, A Name Of Quality Service Provider

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Kenex has been into the business industrial concrete cleaning in Sydney and line marking services since a quite long time. We are serving in Melbourne and Brisbane city. Our aim is to provide high-end services to the target customers at affordable prices within the mentioned time frame. We have a wide range of services which we provide to our clients.  

Skilled Labour: 
We have skilled labours as we all know, the purpose of lines and marks is to guide people correctly, one wrong mark can cause huge disasters and ruin the life of multiple people. To avoid the accidents and unexpected incidents, we train our team members in such a way that they work with zero error and give a perfect shot as we know the importance of a single life. We believe in providing quality services so does our staff. We make sure that everything is perfect and up to the mark in the end of the project. A multiple team members and managers monitor the performance of the project.  

Cleaning Services: 
We provide a complete package to the malls and hospitals. We do not only make marks, signs and lines but we provide the services of cleaning the excess concrete, dust and other stuff that looks untidy on the ground. We also provide the service of scrubbing floor in order to make it smooth so people can easily drive on the floor. A small bump of concrete can cause a lot of complications to the driver. We provide cleaning service to hospitals, malls, office, basement, warehouse, hotels, etc. 

Pictorial Language: 
We make our team members expert in pictorial language. Our clients most of the time ask for making the pictures to convey their message. For example, in school, college and universities, we make independent path for the cycle riders. We make a white line on both the sides which shows that this is the path way for the cycle riders, we make the picture of drawing in the center of both the lines so that students and workers have a clear understanding, this is their way and they have to ride in this space only. In hospital projects, we make independent line way for wheel chairs because wheel chairs hurt people who are walking and there is a wide need of making an individual path for wheel chairs in hospitals in order to give a smooth a walk to the patients and other people. In shopping malls, we make small footprints having a logo or name of the shop heading towards the particular shops. It helps people in reaching the shop easily. 

In short, we have a complete solution to guide people. The solution to your problems is just a call away. Call us or visit our page to make others life easy. For more information, please log on to