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Basically there are a number of institutions and the centres who were offering the services of behaviour change program during driving under the supervision and approval of VICROADS behaviour change programs. Because the vicroads behaviour change program is imposing on the top of the service providers and the department controlling the every type of behaviour change programs whether it is behaviour change program during driving or it is about the consumption of drug and the time of driving which could be dangerous and risky for the person who is driving itself and people living and sitting around him in the car do which he is being driving so in this case he is keeping the risk on his own life and the people who are living in the car beside him. So this is so important and essential for any centre or any institute who is offering the services of behaviour change program drink drive making the society of peaceful place where there is I know it is from a person who is drinking or having the consumption of drugs at the time of driving and in the ecstasy of the look and adding which is containing specifically the alcohol amount So there is more to others that this kind of person will be susceptible of any accident and under risky condition. In these kinds of courses I’m specific here is being highlighted in the view of the person who is having the problematic behaviour in his conduct and also this specific is badly affecting the people living around him So after making highlighted the specific disturbing behaviour the person is being realized that his behaviour is and dangerous for him and for the other people and the present and maybe in the future if this behaviour has not harmed anyone in the past.

If we talk about that on which people this rule completion of the course is compulsory and that it is clear that the person who is having the some specific amount of alcohol in its some blood or breath must be this applicable to have the offense of violation of law and that driving license of the person is being cancelled and to get back that license the person needs to go through drink driving courses in victoria. Here in this course and among the specialized people the therapy and different techniques are being applied on the person who is going to discourse step by steps for that he could get rid of these bad habits slowly otherwise it is not possible if the quitting of the person from completion of the course I will ultimately destroy the cognition ability of the person who is going to behaviour change program drink drive. For this purpose or for the training of the people who are suffering from these addicted habits different kinds of centres and service providing send us all being built.