5 Health Benefits Of Having A Garden In The Home

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If you think; having a well maintained garden at home has only one benefit that is to beautify the exterior of the house! Then you are wrong. It has many more benefits. But, here are we will not talk about the other benefits of having a garden, we just discuss about the health benefits that a homeowner can get.

  • Pure air
    Because of increased deforestation, and increased rate of pollution in the atmosphere, the quality of air is deteriorating fast, and this is leading to poor health in the people. The landscape at home increases the presence of plants in our surrounding keeping the ample supply of fresh air and oxygen. The plants also have the dust holding and pollutant filtering capacity. When outside air gets inside the house, after crossing the landscape of the house, the air gets filtered. Though, it would be wrong to say, that this will make the air completely free from dust and pollutants, but its percentage in the air reduces, this for sure. The landscape work when done with stonework, it keeps the garden look good and well maintained.
  • Decrease the stress level
    When you sit in a park, you get relaxed and your stress level decreases. According to a latest study done in the Netherland, sitting in the garden and involving self in the gardening work, boost the immunity and reduce the level of stress.
  • Ensure good mental health
    In a study conducted in 1995, it was found that taking part in the leisure activities like landscaping or gardening can reduce the risk of dementia in older age people. The horticultural therapy has provided positive result in patients suffering from depression and different types of mental illnesses. The gardening work, offer relief in depression and also increase the mental focus among the people.
  • Enhance immune system
    Though, the landscaping Double Bay is not a clean work because of involvement with dirt and soil. But, it is good for health, the human friendly bacteria present in the soil called as Mycobacterium vaccae, which is commonly found in garden dirt provides a number of health benefits to human, according to the reports of a research.
  • You get fresh supply of herbs
    While taking the landscaping service, you can ask the professionals to keep some space for you to plant some herbs. These fresh herbs, you can use in your kitchen anytime. It will not only add flavor in your food, but also the micronutrients present in it will keep you healthy and fit.