Difference Between Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

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If you always think that plastic and cosmetic surgery are the same, then you are not the only one. A lot of surgeons use the term cosmetic surgery so the terms plastic and cosmetic surgery are often used reciprocally. But to be precise, it is not true. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery maybe related but they don’t entirely have the similarity.  

Both have different objectives  
Both plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in Gold coast are concerned with making the patient’s body better. The general philosophies that guide research, training and objectives for the outcomes for every patient are different. 

Cosmetic treatment focuses on improving the look 
The principles, techniques and procedures of plastic surgery are completely focused on improving the appearance of the patient. Improving symmetry, proportion and aesthetic are the main objectives. Plastic surgery is performed in all areas of the face, neck, head and the body. It is totally up to you whether you want to go for plastic surgery or not. Doctors in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery practice a wide range of medical fields.  

Here is what is included in the procedures of the cosmetic surgery:  

  • Breast enhancement: increase, elevation, limit 
  • Circumcision: treat the nose, chin or improve the cheek 
  • Facial rejuvenation: face lift, neck and eyelid lifting, eyebrow lift 
  • Body shape: gynecomastia, liposuction, tummy tuck  
  • Skin rejuvenation: Botox®, filler treatment, laser rejuvenation 

Main focus on repairing and reconstruction of the body defects 
Cosmetic surgery is a surgical specialization dedicated to the reconstruction of the defects on the body due to traumas, birth disorders, burns and diseases. Plastic surgery aims to correct and rebuild the areas damaged. While many cosmetic surgeons prefer to also complete the rest of the training and perform the surgery, the foundation of the surgical training remains the reconstructive cosmetic surgery.  

Here are some common cosmetic surgery procedures you must be familiar with: 

  • Reconstruction of breasts 
  • Surgery of burn repair 
  • Correction of congenital malformations: cleft palate, repair repaired defect 
  • Reconstruction of lower extremity  
  • Surgery of hand 
  • Scar surgery 

Since cosmetic plastic surgery have specific practice objectives with a specific set of procedures, the training process and the process of certification of a cosmetic surgeon who is certified will be quite different from the aesthetic surgeon approved by the board. 

Training for plastic surgery  
Plastic surgery and its training is obtained through a post-graduate program. Plastic surgery residency programs may contain cosmetic surgery as part of a surgeon’s training, but generally do not have training for each one of the cosmetic procedure. 

Training for cosmetic surgery  
The completion of cosmetic surgery is done after the residency training. Currently, you cannot find any residency programs for cosmetic surgery which is why the surgeons get the training and practice after the completion of their residency. As cosmetic surgery has got no proper program for its training thus a physician who is licensed can perform cosmetic surgery. As cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery have got different training processes with respective to their certification and licensing thus the difference is pretty clear now.  cosmetic-surgery